Jamboree On The Trail, or JOTT, is an annual day for the World Scout Movement to hike together:


All Scouts, wherever they may be in the world, are invited to participate on the second Saturday of May.

In their own way, everyone will be hiking the same direction: towards a better future through Scouting.

Angus & Josh report back

“We first went in a car through a farm and then we walked through a couple of streams, once we reached a hut we continued on and climbed up the big rock.

It was an interesting climb – challenging but we enjoyed it and the view at the top was cool. Coming down was a lot easier but it was like an adventure road with a lot of loose stones called scoria – fun but you also got stones in your shoes, especially if you fell over. Something interesting that you never come across on a normal track was a cement mixer made of steel! Probably used to make the road or the foundations for the hut and would be something you might see in a museum.

Back at the hut we cooked our tea on sticks over an open fire – sausages and some of us also had marshmallows. Cooking sausages on the fire that we made ourselves was fun. When we finished eating and putting out the fires we walked back to the vehicles that we came in. On the way out we had to open lots of gates as the road went through a farm.

And we will finally say that this was a good trip, it wasn’t very long but also not too short. Overall we really enjoyed the walk and the fun things to do on the way. It was a really good Saturday afternoon, yeah we would definitely go again.”

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