Carterton Scout Group on Camp
By Aidan King

On the first day of school holidays, I went on a Scout camp at Mt Holdsworth.

The first thing we had to do was to set up tents with our tent buddies. After the tents were up, me and the other Scouts did some whittling. In total there were 12 of us there and a dog. And then we had flag break and discussed what we were doing that night. We had some games of zombies and capture the flag. At 9:30 we all went to bed and lights out at 10:00.

The next day we did some more whittling and then we packed our lunches. We brought the fire pit down from another campsite to our campsite and we set off for Rocky Lookout. From the lookout we went down an old track which is now used for traps and on our way we rebaited the traps and we also exchanged the gas canisters.

When we got back we had dinner and made a fire and roasted marshmallows. Then some of us went home and the rest took down the tents.

P.S. Scout Leader John Sage was awarded the Bronze Tiki for Good Service by Group Leader Sylvia Morgan!